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4 Step Plan for Holistic Career Growth5 min read

April 8, 2021 4 min read
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4 Step Plan for Holistic Career Growth5 min read

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We have been lis­ten­ing to the word “career” and talk­ing about career growth through­out our lives.  It is a vital part of our life and it decides where our life is heading. 


If I would’ve believed that your career depends on any of the exter­nal fac­tors oth­er than your­self, I would have been one of those naïve peo­ple who think a degree assures a career. Even the word dis­agrees with this notion. “Career” is derived from the Latin word Car­rus, which means “wheeled vehi­cle”. And like with every wheeled vehi­cle, the per­son who has the con­trol is the one who has the steering.

“The most com­mon way peo­ple give up their pow­er is by think­ing they don’t have any.”
— Alice Walker

First­ly, let’s clear the air and make it clear that “Job” and “Career” are not the same thing. The main dif­fer­ence between the two can be known by know­ing the dif­fer­ence between “Weath­er” and “Cli­mate”. Both of these two com­par­isons show not only the chrono­log­i­cal dif­fer­ence between the terms but also shows the dif­fer­ent fac­tors which affect them both.

To make a career and take full own­er­ship of its con­se­quences and its impact on your per­son­al life, we have to first con­sid­er the fact that work is part of life. This means that “Work-Life Bal­ance” is only main­tained when there is no need to seg­re­gate the two. You can love your career and that love will blos­som into a healthy mind and body with an insa­tiable hunger to per­form bet­ter and improve. So, before we go about stat­ing that we have full con­trol of our career wag­on, let’s ask some questions

Career growth | Receptix

1. What is my direction towards my career growth?

This is one of the fore­most ques­tions that you have to ask your­self. Most­ly, peo­ple say that your grad­u­a­tion paves to your career. But this log­ic is wrong and it answers the ques­tion: “Where is it tak­ing me?” and that is not the ques­tion

To fig­ure out a direc­tion, we have to first take our inter­ests into account while keep­ing the fea­si­bil­i­ty at sight. This will not only make work eas­i­er and more fun, but it will also help you decide every future course of action and its consequences.

While a res­olute direc­tion is a great way to get ded­i­cat­ed, the human mind is a very fick­le organ. Hence, we should also know that paving a per­fect career path is an ongo­ing process as we have to be flu­id while keep­ing the end of the road in sight.


2. What skills are important?

Once you have a direc­tion, let’s say Con­tent Writ­ing, there is a dire need of acquir­ing skills that are required and appre­ci­at­ed to gain the next lev­el in terms of the indus­try. Attain­ing rel­e­vant skills and hav­ing appro­pri­ate knowl­edge regard­ing the ins and outs of your career path will pro­pel your career and also keep you updated. 

Aware­ness plays a huge role in acquir­ing skills as well. We have to real­ize that we live in an ever-evolv­ing world and to keep up with it, we have to be in sync with it and keep our skills up to date. For eg., as a con­tent writer, gone are the days when you had to sub­mit writ­ten for­mats to editors/managers. Now, knowl­edge of Word­Press, Google Search, SEO, etc. gives a cut­ting edge to an employ­ee and makes him updat­ed on the cur­rent trends.


3. What to invest in and with?

Please don’t think I am going to tell you to invest in mutu­al funds or LIC (term insur­ance won’t be bad, though). In order to own your career and excel in it, we have to invest our time, mon­ey and ener­gy. You also need to invest your efforts in build­ing your net­work so that you have close peo­ple with whom you can take assis­tance with get­ting ahead of the curve and build a relationship.


4. How to track my career growth?

Self-assess­ment is one of the most impor­tant things you have to keep in mind in order to gain own­er­ship of your career. It is not only help­ful in keep­ing your actions in check but it also gives you a detailed pic­ture of your present and your way towards the future. I firm­ly believe that self-cri­tiques are one of the most suc­cess­ful peo­ple in the world as they are always aware of their actions and the consequences.

How­ev­er, self-assess­ment comes with aware­ness about the sur­round­ing. Know­ing that some­thing is wrong may seem easy, but it is more impor­tant to know how to resolve it and mit­i­gate the dam­age. Self-aware­ness helps in the diag­no­sis and, in many cas­es, the prog­no­sis of your sit­u­a­tion. This in turn gives us a per­spec­tive of the sit­u­a­tion and take appro­pri­ate action to improve it



I can’t say that “now that you know all there is to know about how to own your career” as there is no set for­mu­la that can make you a “know-it-all.” The beau­ty of the human mind is that it is very unique in its own way and in order to gain own­er­ship of our career, we have to intro­spect and ask our­selves the above ques­tions and fig­ure out a way best for us. This will help build both your per­son­al­i­ty and 

To know more about your career path and find the per­fect job to take you on that path, stay tuned here at Recep­tix.

4 Step Plan For Holistic Career Growth
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4 Step Plan For Holis­tic Career Growth
We have been lis­ten­ing to the word “career” & talk­ing about career growth through­out our lives because it decides where our life is heading…
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